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Christian Hallberg Scandinavia AB was founded in 1995 after leaving Warner Lambert and the shaving brand Schick.

”We saw the opportunity to develop the shaving category whithin private label on the FMCG market in Scandinavia”.CHS AB’s first commission was to establish the new private label range for ICA – the first ever in Sweden, followed by one of the first private label shaving gels (Blåvitt) for COOP Sweden.

Today we offer competitive private label solutions for shaving products in the range mid to premium.


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One of our oldest partners. They are a one of the few manufactures of aerosols that use the “bag in valve technology”. Their product range can be anything you would like to use an aerosol for. Both for cosmetic products and medical devices. For more information Visit website: https://www.cosmosol.com/

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Is the leading Italian coffee manufacturer of private label. They have full range in their portfolio. That means from beans to pods that works with Nespresso, Dolce Gusto and a special designed pod system with unique machines for Coop Italy. For more information Visit website: https://www.coind.it/

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One of our oldest partners. Relation was established via a company called Bond 1995. Personna is the world’s largest manufacturer of razorblades for private label. For more information Visit website: https://www.personna.com/

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Boniquet is a leading manufacturer in Spain of oral care, hygiene articles, sun articles and pet care. They manufacture full range from tooth paste to mouth water. For more information Visit website: https://boniquet.com/

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Is a Dutch company with a strong niche position within several areas. From dental, travel articles and Indian rice. For more information Visit website: www.ridam.com

These are our main categories and partners that we are active with. Some of them all the way back to 1995. All except Coind are non-food. CHS has wide range of contacts besides the shown within the non-food area. The business model between our customers and partners depends. Sometimes CHS is fully active as a distributor with responsibility of the entire logistical process with a warehouse in Sweden. The warehouse also has capabilities to arrange special promotions, repacking etc. we can also work as a agent more responsible of meetings and discussions surrounding current and future product portfolio. Our partners are then responsible for logistics and invoicing.


CHS has been active within the area of private label since mid 90ties. We are also participant in a Nordic private label group to learn more of the core business of private label. Plma is an old friend. We have been there every year in over 20 years. This gives CHS also a wide range of contacts. Together with our partners we are involved in knowledge about understanding categories both in the short and long run from a private label perspective. The last years we have implanted sustainability within several of areas. For example, product development, logistics and strategical thinking. Our partners understand the importance of sustainability and that is also easily noticed by its product range. Of course, sustainability is in the core of the strategical thinking which we all believe, from many aspects, being a crucial factor for the business of today!


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Matador is an old Swedish brand in shaving. As early as 1959, Matadorverken was appointed a royal court supplier. Matador is a brand that has existed in Sweden, Finland, and Denmark for decades. However, as time has passed, upgrades have taken place in terms of quality. In recent decades, it has been in the grocery trade and Clas Ohlson. Today, in modern times, its available at Apotea, for example. The system that is active today in the packaging, is the same system a government agency compared to Gillette Mach III. In that test, the Matador emerged as the winner!

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PHARMA Matrix3

Pharma matrix razor is designed to suit sensitive skin, with a moisturizing strip infused with Vitamin E & Aloe Vera. A 3-blade razor with ceramic coated blades for a close, smooth shave. Unique pivoting head for exceptional closeness. Dermatologically tested

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One of our oldest partners. Relation was established via a company called Bond 1995. Personna is the world’s largest manufacturer of razorblades for private label. For more information Visit website: https://www.personna.com/

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Just like the Nordic nature, shaving is a balance between the hard/sharp and soft/beautiful. Its’ all about clarity and precision – the power and feel. These razors provide a combination of good materials and clever design that allows you to feel confident in every move. Every day. You never need to strive for perfection. We’ve already done it for you.

Sometimes there are either requirements of minimum volumes or other strategical reasons for not starting a private label project. But there is still interest in having products in the category listed in the store. Then we have several solutions both regarding product names given any specific category but also in some major cases, packers brand solutions where we transfer the ownership of the brand.


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For CHS sustainability is one important foundation of our company and it its turn credibility.

For a small company such as CHS to keep track on ourselves and partners we use outhouse competence for that. For several years now we have worked with VisionL – a Swedish consulting company within sustainability.

They have training with us and communicates with external partners of us – both customers and suppliers. http://visionl.se


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